Welcome to the
Bull Tang Clan

A unique hand-drawn collection of 8888 bulls and cows wilding around the blockchain. A fun experience focused on community, crowdfunding and scalability.

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Presale : 11 Dec 4:00pm(EST)

Public sale : 12 Dec 00:00am(EST)

About the arT

Creative and Unique Generative Art

A unique collection of bulls and cows stored as ERC 721 tokens.

Hundreds of hours have been put to only come up with a hand drawn concept that would emphasize gender equality and multicultural openness.

All 8888 Avatars are generated from more than 2 billion possible combinations. The cows are easy to spot and only 3600 of them will be released. “Yes Bulls! The ladies are scarce. And you better HODL them for breeding the BTC Kidz Club.”

Monthly Cover Drop for an African Charity

We decided to not include charity in the roadmap but more in our mission. We believe that any company should be involved in community, social and environmental sustainability.


A journey by the community for the community

We believe that in the next five years a majority of innovative projects will be crowdfunded through the blockchain and especially with NFTS. We believe digital art is a great way to communicate visions and missions as we are doing with the monthly cover for charity

We want to create an ecosystem where people thrive and interact in a genuine way to create scalability on the blockchain. Enabling people to not only buy digital art but also raise funds (with your nfts), grow their network, Play2Earn (roadmap 2.0) and many other features.

Members of the Bull Tang Clan will be granted access to private digital events, games, merch, airdrops, raffles and many other surprises all along the way to make our community one of the most active, relevant and satisfied community on the blockchain. Let's keep some mystery for now but don't worry! Each NFT from the Bull Tang Clan grants you one vote on the journey we are all undertaking together





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Community Benefits


Commercial rights to your NFT (IMG & NFT#). Build yourself a name in the metaverse.


Access to private online and real-life events, Pitch2Fund platform and many other perks like: Merch, Breeding, Airdrops, Raffles, 3D figurines etc..


250 ETH form the minting proceeds (50%) secured into the BullTangClan Treasury. The holders DOA overviews and controls every business decision.


The community can vote on every roadmap activation (1 NFT = 1Vote). 100% of secondary market royalties will go to the BullTangClan Treasury.



Updated weekly with redeemable branded Bull Tang Clan products. Governance allow community to vote on designs and products. Don't forget to save your favorite merch for the upcoming personalized store.


BTC Kids Club! You heard it right. You can breed your bull and cow to redeem (free + gas) baby companion. Holders of a complete Bull Tang Clan family will be airdropped a family frame that will grant access to unique housing and perks in roadmap 2.0


Land for the community with architectural 3D smart contract to host the clan and share about ideas, music and the market. What better way to get our community engaged than by throwing events in public and private headquarters. Holders of a complete Bull Tang Clan Family will be rewarded on Decentraland too!


Featuring your Bull Tang Clan NFTs. Play2Earn metaverse coming later (roadmap 2.0). The community will be voting for the release of a squid game featuring multiple digital minigames that we loved being younger. (unique prizes for the winners)


Wait! What? Yes! Your digital asset will be sent to you in 3D with a real golden token. The Bull Tang Clan governance will allow the community to vote for the best out of 3 types of physical collectible asset.


Because why not? Sell your merch featuring your Bull Tang Clan NFTs. As said before what better way than empowering our community with a landing page to generate revenue by selling their BTC NFT Merch.


R&D in progress...

Minting Coming Soon.
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Business Development



Senior Developer


We would like to sincerely thank the 21st ambassadors regardless of their implication toward this project. This strategy enabled us with the right technologies, financial tools and art to enter the market and give you the most exclusive and unique experience on the metaverse. As a reward our 21st ambassadors will be sent x2 NFTs to replace the old one (operation Saving Private Ryan).


What is this NFT for ⁉️

Your Bull Tang Clan NFT is your ticket to an exclusive and engaged community. Be part of an ecosystem that thrives on innovation, scalabity and sustainbality. Holders will be granted Merch, Breedings, Airdrops, Raffles, 3D figurines and many more.

What is an NFT ⁉️

An NFT is a (non-fungible token), in essence, a unique collectible digital asset, which holds value as a form of cryptocurrency and as a form of art or culture. Much like art it is considered a value-holding investment.

Who is behind the project ⁉️

A team of 5 entrepreneurs in tech and art backed up by 21 ambassadors. Including experts from the 5 continents covering more than 15 growing industries.(Health-Tech, Sports Industry, 3D Med Tech, enginering, fashion and many more)

When is the DROP ⁉️

The drop is set for Q4 2021. For more information about the drop, events and presale, feel free to join us on Discord and Twitter.

What is Metamask ⁉️

MetaMask is a softwarecryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereumblockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.(https://metamask.io/)

Is the Bull Tang Clan a good investment ⁉️

Never buy something you dont understand first. This is a decision for you to make dear NFT collectors! Our founding team and our ambassadors really believe in the project. Check our ROADMAP and think for yourself by using your heart and head. And if the project really interests you, Get Involved!